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Credit Repair

Do you need a total credit rebuild?

Often, small business owners are unable to access the capital needed due to challenged personal credit scores.  

However, "credit repair" is rarely the answer.   Instead, a Total Credit Rebuild is the only way to have a guaranteed capital raise of $100,000+.

What is a Total Credit Rebuild?

- The clear goal of the Total Credit Rebuild Program is to put $75,000 in your pocket upfront and OPTIMIZE your personal credit resulting in a VERY high personal credit score (typically 750+) to allow access to adult amounts of funding.

- Removal of derogatory/negative items from your personal credit profile including collections, late payments, inquiries, and charge-offs.

- Addition of positive credit including high credit limit credit cards, installment loans, etc.

- If you are suffering from high revolving utilization that is dragging your scores down, we can quickly remedy that by adding a high credit limit revolving trade line that immediately reduces your utilization and can dramatically increase your scores overnight.

- Assistance with documentation for a significant income to meet the Debt To Income requirements for a larger capital raise.

- Creation of a strong business credit profile under your business' EIN, if desired.

- In essence, rebuild your credit in ~120 days regardless of how bad your current credit profile.

$0 Cost

Unlike credit repair, the Total Credit Rebuild does not have any upfront nor monthly costs for the professional services to improve your credit.  

Instead, participants simply pay a fair success fee based upon the capital raised.

This innovative solution to rebuilding one's personal credit was developed by an ex-banker who has reverse engineered many of the processes used by the credit industry.  With 14 years of experience and hundreds of success stories, this is the real deal and you are welcome to visit with one of our former clients who completed the program resulting in ~800 personal credit scores and $100,000+ in funding.

Let's See If You Qualify

 If you can meet the following criteria, we encourage you to submit an inquiry below:

- You must have the ability to stay current on your current bills to avoid any new derogatory items.

- No late payments on your credit report in the last three months.

- Bankruptcies are ok if over three years old.

- No other public records reporting on your credit profile, i.e., student loan defaults, unpaid child support, etc.

- While there is NO COST for the credit rebuilding process, you must agree to a $100,000+ capital raise of which you will pay a success fee to the third party provider of the service.

- You must agree to remain compliant through the process which includes maintaining a credit monitoring service for all three bureaus with Experian.  

- You will need to submit your Experian.com credit reports (from all three bureaus) for us to review to determine if you qualify for enrollment.

- After submitting your credit reports from Experian.com, we’ll schedule a free consultation with one of our credit analysts to advise to the specific credit rebuilding strategy to optimize your profile and projected timeline.

As you are working on rebuilding your personal credit, our staff will assist you in building your business credit via Dun & Bradstreet, Experian Business, etc. off your EIN so you have access to another source of credit, capital, and funding from business credit.   Once your personal credit is rebuilt and your business credit is established, you will typically meet the credit underwriting guidelines for business loans, including a SBA loan for up to $150,000 that funds in just 15 days.  

*If you are not able to meet all the criteria above, we encourage you to instead enroll in the Capital Ready Program whereby we can do a capital raise off of your EIN (even if you don’t have a business formed yet).  For more information, please visit https://innovativecapitalstrategies.org/capital-ready-package/ for assistance accessing business credit and/or earning additional W2 income as an Affiliate.